Business as usual

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It’s business as usual
Domestic drudgery
Toil and trouble
Pleasure and pain
The Premier League
In all its matchless splendour
Again and again
Saturday lunchtime, Sunday tea time
No objections from the modern age
Because they can only identify
With recent presentations
New interpretations of Super
Sunday on Sky TV
Rather than those old, grainy
Images of Ken Wolstenholme
Live from Beatleville
Black and white heaven
From Anfield
When Match of the Day
Was but a child of nature
Tomorrow though
Shock, horror, and
That rarest of species
The Hammers rock up to
The first instalment of
The Premier League
Showtime extravaganza
West Ham against Manchester City
At three o’clock in the
Afternoon. You have to
Be joking
And yet jest we not
Roll up. Roll up.
Get your tickets now
Ladies and Gentleman
They will enchant you
With remarkable skill
And athleticism
City undoubtedly ready
For dance and theatre
Heavenly histrionics
But in a pleasing way
Tantalising terpsichorean
Feats, passing
Made to measure
By the finest of tailors
Feathery touches with the ball
Spun with silk
Perhaps far too good
For the East Enders
From the London Stadium
But who knows
Miracles were often known
To happen on
Jewish Rosh Hashanahs
How blessed we are on this day
Of days
Maybe the team in the top four
At the moment
Can aspire to the soaring
Stratosphere in Stratford
Happy days for the Hammers
Almost too good to be true
Altitude sickness
For those in claret and blue
But tomorrow reality must
Intrude on delusions of grandeur
City will once again announce
Themselves as they invariably do
Pep will be back in his hot seat
And City will win
Or maybe not
We shall see



Review of the Hammers against City tomorrow at three o’clock tomorrow. How did that one happen?

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/business-as-usual/