City, City, treble winners

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Maine Road seems
Like only yesterday
But now Pep
Delivers the ultimate
Champions League winners
Yes emphatically the treble
Is yours
Trophy hunters
Par excellence
The best of the west,
The rest, the definitive
Turkish delight
By the Bosphorus
Istanbul acclaims
Its sweetest confection
And to think
It was Gillingham
At Wembley
When everything
Looked so bleak
During that distant week
But now it’s Manchester City
Kings of Europe
Finally at long last
What a blast
Inter Milan though
Disciplined as the British
Army. Attention!
Throw barbed wire
Across the City
Platoon of well drilled
Soldiers, stampeding, then
Gracefully tip toeing
Across and around
The Milan cavalry
Last night City had
To do it the hard way
For Milan threw the most
Stifling blanket
Over the City showmen
Unyielding to the bitter end
Pestering, surrounding, blocking
The Manchester guardsmen
War of attrition
City pickpocketed on more
Than one occasion
And even Lukaku almost
Broke the iron clad
Light blue and white
Somewhere you could
Hear Joe Mercer and
Malcolm Allison
Chuckling into their
Half lager and scotch
Dug out legends pleased
As Punch
If only the City of old
Bell, Lee, Summerbee
The holy trinity
Could have been there
To witness City’s
Stylistically perfect
Or maybe they were
But failed to tell us
So Rodri scored the clincher
And milked the plaudits
The winner does indeed
Take it all
Blue Moon, City
Blue Moon City
History opens its
Doors again
For Manchester United
Read Manchester City
A hat-trick of footballing mastery
The Treble
It hardly seems possible
But take a bow
You deserve it



So there it is. Manchester City complete the Treble with a 1-0 win over Inter Milan in Istanbul.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/city-city-treble-winners/