Clik on tour (4) : Missing, inaction

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family man, missing, all the hugs and kissing
hotel room all alone, international dialing tone
hotel room all alone, crying down the phone
hotel room all alone, if only I had known
hotel room all alone, not usually one to moan
hotel room all alone, biting fingers to the bone
cable, salvation for the unstable
football highlights, akin to Sky nights
and weekend matches, all in full, not in patches
live games, five and a half hours ahead, I watch ’em, lying on me bed
but football all alone, not much fun when you’re prone
for football all alone, is derby without Joan
football fan all alone, where the grass is never sown


For my wife and family

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/clik-on-tour-4-missing-inaction/