Coffee, Toffee?

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wherever one goes
eet steeks to shoes, to boots
weighs zem down
into ze mire, of relegation
an to draw, weeth Crewe
where’s zat?
I zought eet was a type of cut
one zat I’ll never ‘ave
but eet’s ze cutting chants, of ze crowds
zat tear me in two
an I zought I would be so prouds
to be wearing ze blue
at Goodyson Park
zat I would lead zem from ze dark
an I zought zat I would be like
ze Prody Gallois son
but now I’m bogged down
not by weight, but fate
ze sludge, of relegation fear
zo steeky, like toffee
not smooth and suave, like coffee
or moi, pas toi
an ze patois of ze dressing room
was of ze opeenion, zat I would bloom
like an orchid
but zey have zis funnee way of saying it, as ‘our kid’
some say, zat I ‘av jumped
from ze frying pan, into ze fire
but I say to zem, zat zey are liar
j’ai jamais fait le dive
always, I strive
to entertain, d’amuser
an Meester Kenworthee, with ees background in ze theatre
an ees ‘air, like mine, a flowing bouffant
ees bound to appreceeate ma talente
parce que
je suis le connoisseur
le roi, le King
waiting in ze wings
for ma grande entrée
for mes subjects
to swoon, chant ‘incroyable’
et ‘sacré bleu!’
et j’espere, que Jesper, does not cramp ma style
an zat Gazza, will keep passing, to mee, all ze while
an zat ees tears
will be because ees peers
love only mee


for treevia loveurs :
zo many transfers, late 2001 / early 2002, to peek two at random, lets zay
David Ginola, moved from Aston Villa to Everton
weeth ees coffee adverte, steel showing on tv
an Jesper Blomquist, moved from Man Utd to Everton, also left weenger

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/coffee-toffee/