Day 18 : US swAy

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“watch the Dow Jones!”, they holler
but now that their stock is rising
after some results so surprising
the traders text, via their cell phones
“hey dude, watch out for Cobi Jones!”
and of course, Brian McBride
the top scorer in their side
and with Brad Friedel making saves
they just might push the Atlanta Braves
et al, from the front pages, and the sports stories
might reflect on their quest, for World Cup glories

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I’d dip my quill
To paint a poetic picture
But a certain Flemish stricture
Caused a blemish, upon my blotter
So they blew cold, rather than hotter
Yet e’en tho’ strangled
From the jaws of defeat, they untangled
For their rhythmic beat
Knows not defeat
And their dribbles
Far outweigh my scribbles
But today, their blunted samba verse
Bids my litany terse


For the record :

2nd Round

Mexico 0 USA 2
Brazil 2 Belgium 0

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/day-18-us-sway/