Day 29 : World Cup Unwinese

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 With the World markets collapsio
All around our earlobes, then perhapsio
With this game, that capturivates the imaginaccio
Of all the people peepers around the globule
We could look forward to watching, the very best footsie bawling teams
Match up and sir pass all the hype and expectinglingnations
For ninety minuetted magical momentums, so that all the deprivations
And hardships, that we face, on life’s highways and bytheways
Will take a back seat on the omnibus of emotions
That thwart our dilly-dally, dippy-doolally, daily lives –
Maybe in the company of friends, family, partners, wives
We can revel in a splendiferous, spindiferous, topsy-turvey
Olde Worlde refreshing cup-a-tea type final
Between the two top side-splitting contestypants
Best of breed, the dogs Ballacks, as it were!
Hopefoolishly, we won’t be dished up with the dregs, of kegs
Of a flatulent beerfest, or a stampede of samba’d out simpatico
To be reported on,
by dull, dreary-weary, pippetty-poppetty, punditry puppets
Or journalytical hacks, cliché clashing their way through to deadlylines
Some, if not all, requiring qwertyfication
For you never know when those men in white coated sugar lumps will come to ….
…. Hey!…. get your hands off me…. leave me aloney-pony!….


(With apologies to Sir Stanley Unwin R.I.P)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/day-29-world-cup-unwinese/