Down On Our Luck

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I wandered lonely amongst the crowd
With stinging eyes and my head bowed
Inaccessible, in deepest thought
Faraway places of battles fought
Lost; let down by Augusts empty promise
All the sure-fire shots that missed
Now those draws don’t seem so bad
They gave us the little hope we had
As we clung on to our leaden raft
We sang our hearts out, cried and laughed
Too good to go down; that was our belief
As we slid to the league underneath
Too bad to stay up, that’s the fact
Rotten luck doesn’t excuse what we lacked
With one last kick
Relegation hits you and you’re down
The ruin of a city, demise of a town
Golden threads have now been cut
The future seems all ifs and buts
Sealed tunnel of disbelief
Humour tries to disguise the grief
Grown men weep for a part of their lives
That showed them love before their wives
Security of a home-knitted scarf
Fish and chips, a cold beer and bath
What goes up must come down, they say
But what about what goes down?: Come what may,
They’re your team, you hold them dear
Like clouds in the sky, they’re always there
Sometimes you get sun
When you really need the rain
Wherever your team wakes up next season
Good times will come again
Like the Phoenix, we will rise from the ash
All you need is a dream
And five zillion, in cash



Relegation hurts. But as long as you’ve got a team, you’ve got a dream.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/down-on-our-luck/