England’s Messiah?

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Girls and boys rue their day
No team will come out to play
To lift their spirit up
By winning a World Cup
Remember the lush green and gold summer of Sixty-Six
When England played delightful tricks
When leather ball weaved and sped
Into German goalmouth bed
Oh for England youth who want to play
Not only for mansions of clay
A squad who can hit the back of net
Not out of town having a bet
The paying fans of England salute and toast
From cob-webbed terraces weary legged ghosts
Of that rustic day so long ago
Wish for them who play no more
When on that day when Anglo-Saxon rose bloomed
Medals in English shires proudly roomed
How the years sting! When will the famine close?
Argus and Cassandra vote in telling prose.
Now soccer academies are all the rage
But when will they inspire to turn back page?
When the crowds will they delight?
perhaps when dark Soho sees the light
And advocate ball skills
Before full cash tills
How can we exorcise this desire?
Where is that track suited England’s messiah?



Editor-Crispin Note
This poem was sent to me by post from Wales along with three others back in September and they have been sitting on my desk (along with my tax books) waiting to be typed up!
So it arrives on site- bizarrely – on the back of 4 un-heard of (since 66?) England wins in a row..Capello may not be the track suited Alf Ramsey figutre this poem evokes, but he is certainly more that an ice cream song of a simliar name – as in “Just One Capello” and good luck to him and us all. Welcome to The Football Poets… Scribbler and .more please. I’ll type your others up as andwhen, but in the meantime please please use the Submit A poem section..it’s easy ..cheers!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/englands-messiah/