“Essex Boy”

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As we drove in at night
If I were forced to live in Pitsea
I’d have to run and take flight.
Looking as dreary as Canvey Island
Just without the seas
Welcome to the delights of football
At Bowers & Pitsea FC.
That’s Pitsea with the ‘sea’
Inland Essex without the shore
Typical Poundlands and bookies
I think you know the score.
Can’t work out the ‘sea’ in their name
But totally get the ‘Pit’
No wonder Essex has a reputation
For being a dump and a bit.
Amid all this suburban conformity
An oasis we found
The place they call the Len Salmon Stadium
That’s the Bowers & Pitsea football ground.
It could be ‘Non League-ville’ anywhere
I’d didn’t chat but the locals were warm
The decent game was a bonus
The home team were on form.
Five nil seems like a canter
But Norwich United weren’t that bad
Their defence cut through like butter
Making the final score rather sad.
Should’ve been up in Macclesfield
Trophy replay off in the snow
I could have stayed indoors moping
Chose to get out for somewhere to go.
So it was off to Ryman League North
Deepest darkest Essex for a ‘tick’
A million miles better
Than staying at home feeling sick.
Always try to be positive
A week to prolong my Wembley dream
Sometimes the disaster of a postponement
Isn’t as bad as it may seem.



(In March 2017 I went to Bowers & Pitsea versus Norwich United, in a Ryman League Division One North match, getting a lift from a mate. It was a new ground for me.)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/essex-boy/?shared=email&msg=fail