Every Hillsborough Story

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 There’s a scar across my heart a scar never destined to fade.
A scar I’ve had for a long time a scar that Hillsborough made.
It’s a scar suffered by thousands of others I’m not the only one.
And I know for sure in my lifetime this scar will never be gone.
Because something’s in life are there forever virtually guaranteed.
You can be shackled to a pain forever sadly never to be freed.
So many lives ruined, so many hearts and personalities split.
So many young lights forever extinguished never again to be lit.
But we’ll always have each other to turn to, to cuddle and to hold.
Our hearts will ache together with every Hillsborough story that’s
ever told.


This is a new poem and not included in te 2 Hillsborough poetry books that I’ve done (Justice Call &The Nightmare of Hillsborough), these books were kindly co funded by the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

To purchase these books go to www.countyvise.co.uk, thanks for reading.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/every-hillsborough-story/