Flowers of Manchester

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 On february 6th, 1958.
The Busby Babes received a terrible fate.
Edwards, Pegg, Byrne and Whelan.
Jones, Bent, Taylor & Coleman.
Foulkes he lived on. Charlton too.
But these were only a fortunate few.
Journalists, crew members, all were gone.
But the spirit of the Babes, still lives on.
In every heart of every fan.
In every woman. In every man.
Old Trafford will never, ever forget.
How Edwards would stick them in th back of the net.
Every fan would sing and shout.
The Stretford End would sing their hearts out.
As David Pegg would run down the wing.
And every fan would start to sing.
Even though all this was gone.
Manchester United are still number 1.
Manchester will always hold on to the,
Memory of the Babes. The ‘Flowers of Manchester’


If you haven’t geussed, I am from Manchester. If you go to www.thebusbybabes.com you will know why worte this poem.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/flowers-of-manchester/