Football in the Classroom

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 In our School we have a rule,
‘No Football to be played within School’.
But when Miss Trim popped out for a bit
We decided that we would ignore it.
We decided our classroom would become
A self made football stadium.
‘You mustn’t do it,’ said Swotty Jim,
But as he’s a swot, we just ignored him.
We cleared the classroom to make enough space,
Without goalposts we used two plants in their place.
We chose two teams and, voluntarily,
Joe put himself forward as referee.
Now all we needed was a ball to boot,
Someone suggested as a substitute
Using the globe at the front of the class,
It’s round and ideal to kick and to pass.
So that’s it we’re ready now to kick off,
But from behind us we then heard a cough.
It was Miss Trim who said, ‘Please make clear
In my absence what’s been going on here?’
And Jim, of course, did reveal all
About how it was my idea to play football.
Because Jim bought this to her attention
I was given a 3 week detention.
So maybe when I want to play
A game of football, I should just obey
This particular school rule.
Then I’d be able to play it after school


Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/football-in-the-classroom/