Footballers Tackling Homelessness (Ode to Neville ‘Big Nev’ Southall)

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He was boss between the sticks
But now he’s taking on the Tories
And helping people on the streets
He’s an LGBT Champion
And he’ll really make you think
His words are spoken from the heart
What’s more he loves his sheep!

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Follow the magnificent Nev Southall on twitter @NevilleSouthall and also check out his brilliant peice on Homelessness http://www.huckmagazine.com/perspectives/opinion-perspectives/neville-southall-knows-best-homelessness/

Nev also supporting LGBTQ community in http://www.huckmagazine.com/perspectives/opinion-perspectives/neville-southall-lgbt/

I’m a red through and through but Big Nev is a legend; read his words, they make sense in a world that often makes no sense at all.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/footballers-tackling-homelessness-ode-to-neville-big-nev-southall/