go houllier go!

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that’s what the fans say
he’s made us a laughing stock
at the end of the day
we try to protest
but to no avail
nobody listens
we continue to fail
we just want to win
or reach the top four
we’ll only do that
if he walks out the door
we’ve given him chances
supported him too
we’re at our wits end
what more can we do?
we had faith in you houllier
and you’ve just let us down
with you at the helm
we’ll never be crowned
the kings europe
and the premiership too
we can support you no more
we want rid of you
we love our club
and that you know
but we no longer love you


i’ve written this poem because i think we’ve been patient enough with him, fans should be able to express their opinions without be chucked out of the ground (ie stauea match thursday) why weren’t the villa fans thrown out for their protest about doug ellis yesterday? obviously they hit a nerve. most fans i talk too have the same opinion but no-one is activly doing anything, i think if you feel that way you should something about it.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/go-houllier-go/