Goodbye To All That

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A sad end to the show.
That flagging and stuff
Wasn’t meant to last,
Like us perhaps.
The Cross of St George
Like something new
And half remembered.
The Union flag,
Curiously nautical,
That has seemed to hang
Semi majestical.

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Jubilee and jamboree.
The parties in streets
And children strangely painted,
Seeming to take us back
To what we were
Or hoped as much,
In a way that now has gone,
Where skies were blue
And cold Vulcans flew:
In steely Delta overhead.

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The names we lived for
Their cultured moves
The thrilling score!
TV held it close together
And something half felt
Yawned to grow.
That sense of us,
That’s always there,
Or maybe is,
Seemed almost to re-emerge
In one long cheerful media surge

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All things end.
And this must too.
The sense of something
Happening, new.
All now has gone
And will not return
No matter how we pine
And yearn.
A slowly rising sun has shed
Its light upon a land now dead
While deep into the shade we run
And fold away our sense of one. P.R.Wride

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/goodbye-to-all-that/