Goodbye (Trenchcoats for Goalposts)

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 so how do you feel now your papers have come
and the moment is finally here
when you’ve waited so long it went on and on
for this country to call you to War
when it’s time to forget the life you have known
your loved ones your football your home
yes it’s time for farewell to this cottage
this valley these hills and these trees
and it’s time to just hide all your feelings inside
to be brave when you’re scared like a child
but the time has arrived will you come back alive?
now the time’s come to say your goodbye

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 when the sky is so blue in this valley
there ain’t nothing to beat it for me
and you’ll picture this place the smile and her face
and you’ll promise to try no to cry
now they’re calling your name to go onward
all your footballing days they are gone
for it’s time to take arms with your comrades
where so many young good souls will die…
and I know what they’re thinking and saying
that this War will be over so soon
they’ll be trenchcoats for goalposts the battles’ begun
and we pray that you come safely home
and you know we’ll be here by the fireside
we’ll be waiting til Christmas comes by
you must play a new game til you come back again
now the time’s come to say your goodbye…



Poem written and performed for Ernie Beale and Harry Watt , the two Forest Green Rovers players for fought in WW1 and formed the base of our Trenchcoats for Goalposts music/theatre/spoken word production which we performed on Dec 12th here in Stroud to an audience of 178 ! We’ll be back next years with potential shows in Cheltenham, Nailsworth, Swindon and hopefully London..

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/goodbye-trenchcoats-for-goalposts/