Grassroots & Boots – 2012 FA Awards Video/Poem

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 you are the team strip the boots and the ball
you are the reason it happens at all
you fan the fire you blow the flame
you sow the seeds at the heart of the game
you keep it going you make it tick
you are the cogs and the wheels that click
you are the heartbeat you see it through
what would we do without you?

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 you are the passion you give your time
you do it all without reason or rhyme
you mow the long grass you coach the side
you fill the team sheet and each child with pride
you paint the touchline you cheer them on
you are the thousands who drive it along
you are the unsung the heroes its true
the grassroots grow because of you?



2012 FA Community Awards Video Poem click here:
Click Here: Grass roots & Boots Video Poem -Crispin Thomas

Footbal Poets are proud to announce that the unsung heroes of the UK’s amateur football community have been put in the spotlight in a new FA Community Awards video/poem by Football Poets editor Crispin to celebrate the grassroots game. The poetic tribute, entitled
“Grassroots and Boots”marks the 2012 Community Awards and appears on the FA Your Game site.
This video represents the Community Awards spirit celebrating the dedication of clubs, coaches and volunteers across the country who make grassroots football possible and are committed to providing more opportunities for people to enjoy football each week. “Coaches, Volunteers, Clubs and Leagues .

What would we do without them? The coaches, volunteers, kit washers, lift-givers, tea ladies. The people who tirelessly dedicate themselves to the grassroots game, helping thousands of young people shine. If you’re a fan or if you’re involved in grassroots football in the UK, now is your chance to recognise the game’s unsung heroes by nominating them for a prestigious award from your own Football Association.Each of the four home nations’ FAs are looking for nominations for their grassroots community awards .
The awards aim to recognise and reward people across the country who make a difference to grassroots football in their local community – the people who dedicate their time to developing tomorrow’s young talent and help ensure safety and best practice in tens of thousands of clubs up and down the country.

The awards offer a chance to all those involved in grassroots football to shout about the person, or team of people that have made a real difference to their experience whilst playing or just being involved in the beautiful game.

Winners are awarded at local, county/regional and national level so, wherever you play your football, there’s plenty of opportunity for grassroots football heroes across the country to be recognised.

Check out details for your national awards .

2012 FA Community Awards

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/grassroots-boots-2012-fa-awards-videopoem/