Green is the Colour

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 With heads up high, hope in our hearts
We know our lines, we play our parts
“The legend of the crowd is true”
Torres said, because now he knew
At the top of our voices, sing and sing …
Of days with Heighway on the wing
About King Kenny (and could he play)
Rush scored four, we remember the day
Poor Scouser Tommy and swarming flies
Thinking of home as he bravely dies
Walk on, walk on, this enormous choir
Scarves twirl to the burning ring of fire
The story of Rome and the great eleven
Little Luis Garcia, he’s football heaven
Shankly to Benitez, the glorious chain
Number nine gets the ball, scores again
History, humour, banners and rhymes
Istanbul, where we made it five times
We celebrate the many trophies won
Proud memories pass from father to son
Anfield, the place of worldwide fame
More than ready to carry that flame
The law of averages; not our night
And Lady Luck stayed out of sight
Down at The Bridge, whether hail or shine
There they sit with no passion, no spine
Free-issue flags, they flutter and blow
A man in a meadow, who went to mow
Who said Grant didn’t know what to do?
Yes, you’re “London through and through”
North and South, will never be the same
Green is the colour, envy is the game



“People talk about the power of Anfield and it is true, it really does exist. Some clubs have legends that are not true but at Liverpool the legend of the crowd is true. I know because I have experienced it.” Fernando Torres.

For Crispin. If you think we hate Chelsea, you need to think again. Your club is far too insignificant for that. Good luck in Moscow. I really hope you win it.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/green-is-the-colour/