I gave Becks the push

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Got sick of the sight of his pretty boy head
With his changing hairstyles and facial hair
He was in the papers everywhere
Yes he had skill and talent for sure
but I just had to show him the changing room door
I thought he was getting too big for his boots
Forgotten where he’d started: his footballing roots
He thought he was “The Man” in Manchester
with his stick like wife we called Swan Vesta
Photos on holiday wearing a sarong
for us it was all going horribly wrong
It seemed he’d started a modelling career
wearing the fashions to come out next year
But what happened to Beckham, the bend it kid wonder?
I just couldn’t stand it another bit longer
We met and I told him he just had to go
His playing had suffered in the media show
So get out David, now go, sling your hook
This’ll make a good bit in my forthcoming book



From the headline on a newspaper and the ‘revelations’ in Alex Ferguson’s biography.
It’s just a poetic take on it…and not necessarily true

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/i-gave-becks-the-push/