In My Dreams

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I have run with Kennedy, Cally, Souness, McDermott
My red shirt blazing a brilliant burning light
Unravelling the strange unearthly beauty of football
Set free

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I have raced down the Liverpool roads
Of my heart and that old sky held back
The tears of a reluctant sun and the desire
Blew like redemption through the caverns of my soul
So free

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I have danced upon the grass of Anfield
With Shankly in a samba of love and life of football
I have sent searching crosses to find the feet of legends
And the sky was cluttered with stars who dipped low to watch
For free

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Alan Hansen with his calm dignity took the ball
From my toes and set the beauty of his genius
On its glorious journey to immortality and Michael Owen
Watched from behind his smile too quick for God to peg him back
Running free

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I have closed in on the fire of St. John and once I even
Dared to tackle Tommy Smith chasing ghosts down Walton Breck Road
And from the top deck of the 26 watched life in all its shapes and
passions and hopes and despair and I saw a Bunnyman or two
For free

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I have perfected the art of spitting just like Alec Lindsay
I have written new oracles with my dancing feet and I heard
The soul of Liverpool find its voice and fuse the dreams of its
Faithful from the blood and the passion and the songs they woke
Up the moon and pierced the sky as the angel Dalglish shone bright
Shone free

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I have sent inch perfect passes to the blessed feet of John Barnes
I have risen high to heaven when Sir Bob whispered words of wisdom
In my ear and I have waited with the patience of a saint for the miracles of Robbie Fowler his eloquent boots gracing the pitch, a canvas built for Michelangelo I have fed the cannons of Jimmy Case
with precision and desire and all of this given
For free.

8 Leave a comment on verse 8 0 (c) tobyjones 3rd january 2004

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/in-my-dreams/