it’s how it is.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 the name Millwall, sends a shiver down ya spine,
this ain’t my fault, no fault of mine,
but over the years it’s become a name that you never forget,
ha ha only a name, but it seems a major threat,
i’ve been asked a thousand times, why this happens again and again,
i’ve no answer my friends, but believe me it can be a pain,
i’ve travelled far and wide wearing my Millwall shirt,
only to be seen and treated like something born out of dirt,
why oh why i ask my mind goes all of a tis,
then i think we’re more than special, it’s how it is,
i talk to people who love football,
they ask my team, i smile, chest out, yea it’s Millwall,
the reaction is always the same,
frown on their faces like i’m to blame,
oh they go, i know i’m gonna be slated,
we’re not disliked, we’re hated,
but one thing i got, and they’re never gonna understand,
i love my Millwall, they’re the best in the land,
so next time you hear no one likes us – we don’t care
please you can all boo and hiss,
but remember, what we Millwall are thinking………
in all honesty it’s how it is………………..


my inner thoughts n feelings

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/its-how-it-is/