Jude The Odd-Scorer

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 he’s a Thomas Hardy figure from another time
prowling and scowling up and down that line
a dual personality that only gets shown
when Queen’s Park Rangers are playing at home
the rest of the time he’s just swanning around
Access All Areas at QPR’s ground
he don’t need no wristband – don’t need no pass
try stopping Jude keeping off of that grass

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 the first time I saw him he was in a sports car*
waving at strangers both near and far
I used to think Bonetti was the only top cat
but Jude sure won’t be having any of that –
never gets scratched and he never gets hurt
preens himself forever in his blue and white shirt
nice to the visitors rallies all the troops
always been partial to a spot of milk and hoops
gives off a vibe saying don’t mess with me
Jude runs the club ‘terri-tori-ally’

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 he’s had a few run-ins as mascots do
him and that ‘Wolfy** got a story or two
he lies in his basket got total immunity
opposite Football… In The Community***
purrs for the cameras makes the kids smile
biggest club ‘player’ by many a mile
cooler than De Niro sterner than Steiger
even when the visitors bring along a Tiger****
he’s West London’s finest and that’s a fact
he ain’t just a mascot he’s Jude the club cat



4th March 2006. QPR 0 Wolves 0
Wrote this on the train home after my first live visit fo a game at Loftus Road for many a year. Great family community vibe and a noisy close fought tussle with some great rival fan banter. ,Also got to meet Jude The Cat – not just pitch-side , but also outside (and in ) the office where he lives..and believe me (readers)..he really does have a blue and white basket. In spite of all the security these days at grounds Jude is also allowed to go anywhere unheeded these days. Who said Football at the top today.. was only for men and women!

* sports car – On Saturday Jude was posing with the future/new club sponsors (A Motor Company) ….as you do if you’re a cat.

**Wolfy (Wolves mascot) sadly didn’t turn up.

***opposite Football… In The Community :Jude has a basket right outside the QPR Football In The Community office (honest!)

****Tiger… Hull’s mascot is a Tiger …with a reputation….

(Anyone remember Cyril The Swan and that fracas with Millwall’s mascot?)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/jude-the-odd-scorer/