(Just) A moment of silence

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Byrne, Taylor, Pegg , Bent, Whelan, Coleman, Jones,

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To recap fruitful lives
To mourn unfulfilled years
To celebrate vivacity

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The consoling shroud
A myriad of emotions
Stony, reflective, soothing silence

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Yet twenty seven seconds is all it took
For respect to become a rare phenomenon
Alas; all of football stands shamed

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O you moronic minority!
Who wolf whistle national anthems
Who stain the streets of Faliraki

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For once stand silent
Grind your teeth, grasp that tongue
And give the cherished their due

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Absolutely unbelieveable – If the deceased are to be remembered then follow the Irish and lets get clapping.

This horrible conduct will always be there – it’s time to change as the dead don’t deserve this!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/just-a-moment-of-silence/?shared=email&msg=fail