Liverpool V Osasuna

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 You can feel the excitement, taste the energy
This is a proper football crowd come back home, European night game
And walking up Lambeth Road past Sandhills never felt so good
Them there Beatles adorn The Phoenix as we too rise
And the shouts of “Get your RAOTL fanzine” mix with
The multicultural sights and sounds which make our club boss
There’s Shanks, his arms outstretched like benevolent wings as kids
Born long after he passed scramble to have their photees taken scarves held high
I greet Bob alongside three red pilgrims, as he carries our captain and hopes on that robust back
Stronger than the bronze that captures his likeness so brilliantly
I’m emotional because I am here with my lad
And we share our birthday, today, and Liverpool playing at home
Where else could we be?
I am old enough to have claimed Big Alec Lindsay as my first Red idol
I was six years old, and that moment captured my soul
I think of his sweat dripping from his shirt
Into the seeds of the grass beneath his thunderous boots
And thus, ensuring new seeds new glories
Those white trabs of Klopp almost as bright as his smile
Like the young faces glowing with pride because they too are in the kop
Now part of our red family, none walk alone, none
It’s impossible to put into words
And I am long exile from this land, my land, my Mersey River
Flows through my veins, will I come home one day, who knows
But for now, I am content to be with my tribe again
Thrilled by their voices, our one voice anthemic like iridescent smoke rings rise and circle
Aye, me and my lad we share a birthday, and tonight we are at Anfield
And as I sit with my child who is now all grown into a confident man
I think of my father standing at this spot with his child
And my heart like a salmon leaps upstream.



Liverpool V Osasuna
Pre -Season Friendly,
Monday 9th August 2021

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/liverpool-v-osasuna/