Man Of Iron, Man Of Gold

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 A stern, puritanical zeal for the game –
Made in England stamped through his
Soul. Led club and country at a youthful
Age – before war time intervened. Came
Into his own back at the helm, missing
That elusive title medal in ’47 when he
Chased Stubbins in vain, but wouldn’t
Pull the man back – glory the right way,
Or not at all. Assumed his rightful place
In due time, manager of a club in his own
Image. And success soon came; the Cup
Returned to Wolverhampton, held aloft
By the Wright man. Then, a pause before
That golden decade – investments in youth
Paid dividends as Gold and Black ruled
Supreme. Champions for the first time in ’54,
And again in ’58, and again in ’59…not
Forgetting, of course those fantasy nights
Under the Molineux lights when power
And passion swept continental challenges
Aside. His teams played with relentless
Strength, first to last a storming onslaught.
Cup kings again as the sixties dawned, it
Bookended those glory years when goals
Were scored for fun, but the tide ebbed
Too soon – a man of principle, honour and
Dignity he came undone when the talent
Tailed off; that fall from grace, so sudden
And brutal. Rewarded with the sack in ’64
By little men, but you can’t remove a legend
From the affections of thousands. Pay tribute,
Then to the man who made a town famous.



Stan Cullis, one of the true managerial greats.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/man-of-iron-man-of-gold/