man u off the hook

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“hallo hallo”,
man u in a fright,
under the spotlight,
keane, butt, giggs, van nistelroy,
and others on this wednesday night,
boot bang helluva clang,
nevilles just scored,
you’re f in joking we sang!
classy gers,
with all their strutt,
man u defence,
door firmly shut,
battled away,
put our chances astray.
culprit vanoli
his legs turned native ravanoli.
hum dinger
the chances missed,
even the ref ” f ing shocking ”
wee scholsey hissed,
keano he was bound to be pissed,
oh well, a fortnights time cannae wait
hey sir fergie any chance o a ticket
it aint still too l8t

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/man-u-off-the-hook/