1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I heard on the radio today
That the entire Melksham Under 12 Football Team
Has the same first name;
They are called Christopher.
What are the implications of this?
Is it confusing if the referee takes someone’s name?
What do the parents shout from the touchline?
How does Chris know who to pass to
When a team mate shouts “Give it to Chris”?
Do they use both first and surnames,
When addressing each other,
So as to particularise the intended recipient of the ball
And remove any possibility of ambiguity,
Thereby taking so long to advise a player
Where to direct a pass,
That all advantage is lost,
And a pass is indeed telegraphed.
Or is there a harmony of Chrisses,
A perfect alchemical fusion of individuals,
A synergy so perfect that the whole Chris is indeed greater
Than the sum of its constituent Chris parts?
Christ knows.
Or is it Chris?


I heard this on Radio 4 in 1996. Where are they now, I wonder?

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/melksham-under-12s-1996-junior-chris-cross-quiz/