Mike Bushell (Livin’ It Large Chant)

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the name of the man is Mike Bushell
he’s got all the stars
he’s got all the views
he’s always on hand
with all of the news
he’s never afraid
to put on his shorts
he’s always prepared
to try a new sport
Mike Bushell Mike Bushell
The Name Of The Man is Mike Bushell
he’s totally  cool
he stays in the groove
he’s livin’ it large
he’s totally smooth
he’s there on the box
he oughta be knighted
even though he’s a fan
of Leeds United
Mike Bushell Mike Bushell
The Name Of The Man is Mike Bushell



As performed with Crispin and the By Chants football choir ,featuring members of G4, on BBC 1 Breakfast TV . We appeared together with intrepid BBC Sports Reporter Mike Bushell on Saturday March 22nd 2008. This was recorded in London (for the up-coming Chant of The Season Awards) on a cold cold day in a lovely old church in Bishopsgate. I’ve printed it here , at great risk of inviting further unwanted negative emails for overly promoting myself and sports presenters. It’s certainly how i write a lot of my stuff..whilst humming along to some tune in my head….(sad i know!)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/mike-bushell-livin-it-large-chant/