Never Change That Feeling

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 You’ll never change the feeling
of delight that greets
a last minute winner
to light up the old place
and have us dancing in the aisles.
You can keep your Champions League,
your prawn sandwich brigade;
you can’t take away the feeling
of unbridled joy that had us
leaping from our seats to
twist and writhe in unison;
(someone said scoring a goal
was better than sex.)
When the ball flew into the net
in the final minute
we knew we had won
and that’s a feeling you
never want to lose.



I have always believed that there is something unique about football in Britain and that’s the passion of fans supporting lower league clubs. Yes we have our problems, but what other country can boast 92 (and more) PROFESSIONAL football teams? For people like me you STILL can’t beat the feeling of a last minute winner going into the net at a match you are attending LIVE and I’ll NEVER want that to change.
Editor Note: Totally agreed Mark. Another worthy contribution to our current ‘Things We’d Change (Or Not Change) Poems section. . Just try handling the Blue Square Conference and Forest Green Rovers games….where to find your ‘Big Four’ you can perm any from this season’s surprise package Crawley to past ‘one-time big names’ like Luton, Wimbledon, Grimsby, Cambridge, York, Southport, Mansfield, Newport County and Darlington… After last season’s awful relegation-saving grace at the expense of Sailsbury….. survival is always paramount.. Best Crispin.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/never-change-that-feeling/