Oh how fickle are we? ;-)

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 There I was driving home late
I catch the radio update
But not one I want to hear
Causes me to dangerously veer
One behind, only nine minutes in
And you can hear the Mestalla din
Well, that’s us done for, ain’t that a fact?
We’ll be lucky, to keep goal intact
And after that first
A quick burst –
Luckily not a tyre
But my ire
At Roman’s great big clanger –
I have to veer again, around a banger
But nevertheless, get home safe and sound
An event highly unlikely, at the Valencia ground
Or so I muse
Et encore j’accuse
That oligarchic oik
Just how could he hoick
Out our beloved José
When we need him there, in the fray?

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 But hang on
We’re bang on
Joe Cole with a gentle tap
And I’m off on my rapid lap
Arms in the air, around the room
And wouldn’t you just know it, off we zoom
And take control
Practically boss the whole …
Well, not game
Cos once again
It’s backs to the wall;
JT at a masked ball
Marking Zorro (sorry Zigic)
Causing sorrow, on the pitch
With trademark last ditch
Tackles and blocks, around the box
Back in cahoots with partner Rikki …
And then we go and take the Mickey
Joe Cole with an inch perfect pass
Skidding across the grass
Curled to perfection
For Didier’s delectation
And such a cool finish, slotted away
Then all those skies, previously grey
Turn perquisite blue
And no more I’ll sue
The exalted Roman Emperor
In fact I’ll commission a canvas, in stylish tempera
To celebrate our pre-eminent patrician
With his mighty vision
For tonight, what a coup –
José who?



Champions League group match

Chelsea apparently in turmoil after José Mourinho’s departure.

Valencia flying in the Spanish Liga.

John Terry playing in a face mask, after surgery on a fractured cheekbone just 3 days BEFORE

Ricardo Carvalho, Chelsea’s unsung hero, back after injury.

Valencia 1 – 2 Chelsea

Drogba majestic.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/oh-how-fickle-are-we/