One More Sunday One More Weekend

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some went swimming in the deep end
last day judgements here we go
one more pot luck one more throw
some went up and some went down
some just froze inside that ground
some were faced with relegation
some poured out a year’s frustration
at directors unmoved faces
gazing out on empty spaces
red confetti trophy’s gleaming
blue boys down but Moscow dreaming
free flags flutter failing falling
can you hear next season calling
back to basics back to back
where where you when we were crap?
you and I been through it all
good the bad the short the tall
some got lucky at the death
some went awol with the ref
some can point at long lost visions
others hung on poor decisions
I remembered Geldof say :
“is that it ?” on Live Aid Day
feels the same now win or lose
wouldn’t want some other’s shoes
money power lies destruction
apathy to greed corruption
in our world and in our game
something draws us all the same
you and I we long to be
thrilled by skill and quality
Hull to Bristol fans still dream
Reading fans bemoan their team
Fulham leave it late but make it
some of us can barely take it
some went up and some went down
some will come back to this ground
some are ‘out’ on that decision
some can’t bear the new division
last day judgements there you go
no more chances no last throw
no more sundays no more weekends
til next season’s here again



Totally inspired by listening to a great rant from Dennis Just Dennis on his MySpace page…”Sunday Sunday” (not on this site yet) but I’m gonna get him to submit it .Pub Football -.thats’ where it’s at! So there you go..All gone now! End of. Bring on work, gardening, shopping , Glastonbury, Wimbledon, Strawberries, people moaning on the one hot day of the year, Euro 08 (Come onSwitzerland!)..and of course a semi fnal in 2014 in Brazil to look forward to for Capello (let’s not set our sights too high now!!) ..and oh yes… nearly forgot some llitte cheap day out for fans in Moscow?.But where were we on the
BIG MEGA COUNTDOWN FINAL SHOWDOWN SKY/SETANTA/MOTD WEEKEND (?)..Moi, i couldn’t get a Bolton ticket ,so we was up the Chelsea end in our pub (3 blokes and a flag) whilst at the other end… two screens, a barbecue and more Man United shirts and London accents than you can shake a Northern city at .Only in Stroud . Where a brave but crazy Rick was standing in front of the Man U masses with a T Shirt on saying “Chelski Chavs Are Going To Moscow!” just as they were about to present the trophy ! Well done to United though , better team all season. Fair play – 10 titles! Ronaldo is something else.And to think we all hated him after that Rooney World Cup wink in 06! Bit iffy touchline dance though Fergie…ay other manager would have been booked for jumping that high!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/one-more-sunday-one-more-weekend/