Owed to Football

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I guess I owe my life to football
for how else
would I have taken mine limbs
set off at a canter
and co-ordinated them
without the pursuit of a ball
how else
would I have learned to dive, to catch
without wanting to emulate
‘The Cat’
how else
would I have known
that bumps and bruises
healed quick enough
to play again tomorrow
how else
would I have been drawn to a globe
and discovered other lands, other lives, other values
without first being attracted, to its ball like shape
how else
would I have got to grips, with other languages
without wanting to exchange
football talk on tour
how else
would I have got through school
without the release valve, of football?
ditto work, ditto life
how else
having crawled out unscathed, from a bad crash
would I have got behind the wheel of a car again
without the lure of the next match
beconing me with it’s come hither eyes
how else
would I have been tempted to verse
(as demeritorious as it is)
without the poetry on the pitch, that I always attained to
pinching me
and punching me
into submission
how else
could I have reinforced all my morals
without football mirroring life’s wrongs
and being the rallying point, for action
how else
would I have made friends, made enemies
respected laws and formed opinions for myself?

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 and what else
could I have been
without it?



I’d better not follow that last line of thinking!

with apologies to Mum & Dad – their contribution
was far greater than could be put into words ….

A response to Apollo Gee’s “Ode to Football”

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/owed-to-football/