1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Oh Parky!
How we’ll all miss you
So deeply
Regrettably so
Sir Michael
Barnsley through and through
Overcome with nothing but blue
Cricket from the cradle
Slip, cover and third man too
Batting for fun in club colours
Just as we all did
But deep inside Parkinson
Loved the flavours and savours
Of the Oakwell roar
A discerning observer of
Lawton, Compton, Finney
And Mortensen too
Local football lad
Skinner Normington
A legend among the Yorkshire
Faithful but never a star
Mined from the pits and collieries
Of seam and coal
Raw and touched with
Grime but loving authenticity
Grit and graft on mind, body
And soul
But when Michael Parkinson
Rubbed shoulders with Cagney,
Jimmy Stewart and Billy Connolly
With remarkable loyalty
And Ali at the Beeb
With adoration ad infinitum
Emblazoned warmly over his face
But today
The nation lost
A chat show
Delight to the eye
The greatest of them all
Facing Cassius Clay in his
Pomp. But still quintessentially
Barnsley born and bred
Never superstars or stars in their
Unfashionable and
Only briefly Premier League
But Parky your Yorkshire vowels
And consonants are still mellifluous
In our ears, affectionately caressing
Britain’s finest years
Michael Parkinson
Your words and your fond
Saturday inquisitive routines
Will always be remembered
Never forgotten here and everywhere



My tribute to Michael Parkinson, the greatest interviewer of them all.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/parky/