Patrick Vieira- Palace in disarray

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The sack race, unfair dismissal
Your only conclusion
Since Patrick Vieira was our
Honourable friend
Admirably gifted
Hugely intelligent
What more could he have
Done at the Palace?
Now plunged into sorrow and remorse
The Selhurst Park monarchy
Overthrown by restless souls
Who couldn’t wait to give
Vieira his marching orders
Sadly just a victim of circumstances
When the Palace secretaries may have
Been ever so hasty
And yet who would be
A Premier League manager?
Although trapped in
The lower chambers of
The top flight
Vieira offered
The French resistance
In South London back streets
Where the Selhurst Park devotees
Sung their stirring ditties
But Gallic flair and swagger
Was never enough for the
Grumbling, disgruntled board
They wanted the finest boulangerie
And patisserie, breads and cakes
Of the highest quality
Appetites for more goals
A colourful cornucopia of three
Points at once now
In repetition
Conveyor belts of vital goals
Immediate success, huge trucks
And lorry loads of victories
Sadly it was not be for the
Gentlemanly Gunner
A portrait of red Arsenal elegance
But now rejected and snubbed
By the Palace hierarchy
A knighthood is out of the question
And nothing in the way
Of mention in New Year’s honours list
But the Frenchman will preside
Over football’s Versailles once again
A veritable beacon of light
Amid the frantic mayhem
Of the Champs Elysses
Indeed a connoisseur of the arts
Vieira football’s Matisse
Will once again be the main
Exhibit in the halls of glory
The brushes of artistry
His forte always
Patrick Vieira
Will lead again
Amid the Premier League
Marble splendour
Of Highbury’s highs
And Emirates now



Patrick Vieira is unfairly sacked by Crystal Palace.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/patrick-vieira-palace-in-disarray/