Pipped At The Post

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I feel like a Clinton today
so much to do and so little to choose
experience got in the way

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good luck and what more can I say
except that you’re stuck with my stuff for a while
there’ll be more fluff I’m sure on the way



The Editor gracefully concedes to Scolari for the Chelski job after making the last two…. allegedly cunningly a la The Apprentice. Apparently, it was such a tightly close run thing, with so much last mintue stuff going on the consuming mayhem that to date, RA and PK have not yet even had time to reply to his application…but we’re sure they will..won’t they? We’re also reliably assured that said CT put forward a strong case and presentation indeed with a strong accent on bringing the poetry back into football , and also taking into account that the only management experience of note listed in his CV was hellping to manage 10700 foolball poems for 8 years.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/pipped-at-the-post/?shared=email&msg=fail