Please help us Sir Alex.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Good morning Sir Alex
This is your old skipper Roy
I’m stuck up in Sunderland
And not having much joy.
I’ve spent all my millions
And now big Nial’s on my back
And the grapevine is saying
That I’ll soon get the sack.
I’ve tried bully boy tactics
But I have found them no use
For above me in the table
Sit Hughes’y and Bruce.
And only one place below me
Is the guv’nor Paul Ince
Who fans of the Rover’s
He has yet to convince.
And now my old mate Eamon Dunphy
Has been having a pot
He claims I’ve started rambling
And have now lost the plot.
So dear Sir Alex grant us One master class
Before Two of your disciples
Get thrown out on their ass.



Keano takes Sunderland to his beloved Old Trafford on Saturday evening hoping Sir Alex hands him a point as a early Xmas gift. But you know Roy, somehow I doubt it very much.

Editor’s note :
this poem posted just hours before Keano’s resignation!!!!


Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/please-help-us-sir-alex/