Pretty Ricky

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Everyone has their idols
Picked for reasons pure
Like ability or achievements
Some pick their role models for reasons obscure
About a life sentence ago
Came a wizard in pink and blue
A maestro of Champion Hill.
A king in SE22
An adonis on and off the field
With a wedge of tightly curled hair
Skills silky smooth
He was beyond debonair
Despite being near enough divine
We got tubbed one away day
Done by seven or eight down in Devon
The opposition making Isthmian hay
Journeyed back on the team coach
My mood on the floor
Back in London and a piss up was mooted
Couldn’t go as i was miles too poor
So a lift back to my drum was offered
In a jam jar with two Dulwich legends
First to Brixton.
Then onto my ends
We stopped off at a chippy
Post match fuel
I stayed in the car
Couldn’t afford any so I felt like a fool
But HE came out with a bag for me
Saveloy, chips and a can of coke
Felt like a dream
One from which I’ve never awoke
See them two pink n blue gods?
One was Dean Holness
The other?
With whose presence I was blessed?
He was the wonderful
The truly superlative one
The one and and only
Ricky Antoine!



As football fans, we all have our favourite players and club figure. They can be picked for scoring the most goals or making important tackles and so forth. or sometimes it can be their actions in one game, how they physically look or something even more obscure.

My club is Dulwich Hamlet and my idol, if you will, is Ricky Antoine, a defender/midfielder that played about a dozen games or so for us in the mid 90’s. After a 1-7 or 1-8 beating down at Yeovil I got the players coach back to London. Ricky gave me a lift from the ground to my home and on the way bought me some grub from the chippy. I’ve loved him ever since!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/pretty-ricky/