1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Rule’s outdated,
easy goals and keepers slated,
what is this madness we’ve created?
The death of sportsmanship is what’s fated.
For a start the rebound rule,
came to be because some fool,
that a save does count for nowt,
not unless you palm it out,
of play, and make it quick,
so nobody can give the ball a kick.
the only way to dispatch,
of rebounds is an impossible catch,
The save’s already a big ask,
but keepers face an impossible task,
where everything is doomed to go wrong,
unless you save the ball AND hang on.
Scrap the rebound, you know it’s right,
give us all a hand in the impossible fight.



The rebound rule is so ironic, considering that Irish gk Mc Crum invented the penalty to get rid of ungentlemanly conduct within the game, yet surely there is something very unsporting about scoring from a rebounded penalty.

And another thing, what is this whole “let’s stand in an offside position when we get a free-kick and try to put the keeper off” because that’s interfering with play, whether the ball is passed to said player or not, and as for the “Your only offside if you seek to gain an advantage” why stand there like your in a shootout if you’re NOT trying to gain an advantage?

Editor’s note :

interesting points Non.

Further irony – if a penalty taker hits the post or the bar, then they are not allowed to tuck in the rebound – in fact they cannot touch the ball until another player has touched it.


Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/rebound/