Rude van Nistelrooy

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The cool dude
Back in rude health, after injury had him screwed
Utd’s gamble, now looks a signing so shrewd
Just look at all the confidence he does exude
With his poachers attitude
Scoring for fun, when in the mood
For those ruddy reds, each of munificent magnitude
He celebrates, in the showers, in the nude
Then thinks about food
A nice rump steak, à l’Ermintrude
Masticated, as well as chewed
But e’en tho’ we allude
To the crude
Perchance, we should be more sanguine than lewd
And even though he’s no prude
Perhaps we shouldn’t intrude
As he vigorously tries to establish a brood


To Tony Lewis-Jones

Shakespeare it ain’t !
Though some might find it quaint
But if you follow the lines of thought
You just might see some Bottom!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/rude-van-nistelrooy/