Saying goodbye to Burnden

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 For Burnden Park the end is nigh,
Progress, we can, no more deny,
Just like the railway over Manny Rd.,
Or the Emabankment End’s old score board,
Standing on the Great Lever End,
And the club having no money to spend,
They’ve all gone no more to see,
Except in the memory of you and me,
Somethings, I’m sure, we’d like to forget,
Like the ever present hooligan threat,
Who wants to return to those days?
Afflicted by that terrible malaise,
Who could forget Frank Worthy’s goal?
Or Nat Lofthouse who we still extol,
Great players who have come and gone,
Promotion to, the then, Division One,
The building of the Normid folly,
That brought in much needed lolly,
Relegation to Division Four,
Knocking on obscurity’s door,
Then came our rebirth under Bruce,
Renewed pride he did introduce,
To the Premiership we were heading,
With that Wembley win over Reading
Bruce Rioch left, the management changed,
All the team tactics were re-arranged,
Loss after loss, soon tempered our elation,
Our beloved team were tipped for relegation,
But Colin did the job, got us back on track,
Watch out Premiership, we are bouncing back,
Though our glory trail is filled with gladness,
The last home game will be tinged with sadness,
Because it won’t be heard from anymore,
Let’s make the most of that “Burnden Roar”
For the last time we say “Goodbye Old Ground”,
Because Bolton Wanderers are Lostock bound


The reason I wrote this poem are self explanatory I think.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/saying-goodbye-to-burnden/