Scolari Luizes It At Everton.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Reckless tackle by J.T.
L.Osman lands in row c.
Ref Dowd then shows the red card.
Big Phil now takes it rather hard.
Official swayed by the crowd.
Scolari now says long and loud.
Post match to press he stays stum.
The man in black is still a bum.
He watches re-run once or thrice.
Verdict not normal or nice.
Alas like nelson with one eye,
He”s got blurred vision and a stye.
He should look across the city.
Where Arsene looks for no pity.
Fabregas out three months or more.
Wegner diplomatic not sore.
“Fair tackle no one is to blame.
To lose the lad it is a shame”
So Scolari show some good will.
Gulp,!and swallow the bitter pill.
Winners have a strong man to lead.
A whinger will never succeed.



Here is to all football fans.
The champions and also rans.
To you I wish love and peace.
In a world where wars will cease.

2009-is yours and mine.jim

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/scolari-luizes-it-at-everton/