Silly Question

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Two Bees, or not to be?
What a silly question
Why, Brentford and Barnet, of course
The answer buzzes around my head
As I proffer up my pollen
But ‘tis flour power
That makes my dough rise
And they say that size, doesn’t matter
But what do they know, they that only knead dough?
For like a Baker’s Dozen
I want more, so much more
I want as much as I can get
And then some
So two B’s, or not to be
Has to become : to sea, or not to see?
As I sail away, on my fabulous yacht
Blinded by my greed
It’s to Chel-sea I head
For to dock ….
But not my wages!
No, not for me, a game of two halves
For I’ll lay upon a table
Massaged, ego and calves
Ergo, I’ll not be able
For to show my over-hyped talent
And as for my pension
To ease my fiscal tension
I’ll head up t’ward the Watford Gap
Whereupon I’ll tap, a sap
Be there a sting to this tale?
Nay, but cough up thy coffers, you beautiful Hornets!


To be, or not to be, a freeloader
Oh! If only I had the talent

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/silly-question/