Slaves To The Mind

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slaves to the pound
slaves to the game
slaves to the ground
slaves to the schedule
slaves to the shops
slaves to the training
slaves til we drop
slaves to the gadgets
slaves to the cars
slaves to the mansions
slaves to the bars
slaves to the beaches
slaves everyone
slaves to the poolside
slaves til we’re done
slaves to a fortune
slaves to the ball
slaves to celebrity
slaves to it all
slaves to the contract
slaves to the break
slaves to the papers
slaves for the sake
slaves to the classy
slaves to the style
slaves to the trivia
slaves all the while
staves to the parties
slaves to our lives
slaves to the ocean
slaves to our wives
pity us pity us
lost and forlorn
slaves to the game
from the day we were born



The heart bleeds to all those alleged millionaire footoball’ slaves’ out there barely scraping a living on a measly hundred grand a week. Oh dear. It must be so hot training in the sun and pre-season being away. Flying on planes, staying in hotels. Stuck in some far-flung oasis with only a few team-mates, an IPod, DVD player , Playstation and salary email/ texts up-dates from your agent for company .So confusing and so disturbing and stressful . Special diets, personal trainers, cooks and masseurs and will I be picked ? These are just some of the terrible stresses, pains and shackles of the modern day footballer, to whom loyalty means occasionally putting in 100% for a whole game ….and not just against the big clubs. I still can’t get over a professional footballer, at the highest level, referring to himself as a slave. Anyone with an inkling or an iota of understanding of our awful involvement, .not withstanding the long-term impact and repercussions globally of slavery, would do better than to bandy the word so flippantly.
I loved the headline on the new WSC (When Saturday Comes)” Raring To Go! ” with a great pic of Ronaldo, Adebyebye and Lamps “raring to go” for the new season…(as in raring to go..to somewhere else..!!)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/slaves-to-the-mind/?shared=email&msg=fail