Spain 2008

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Like a lost son coming home to it’s mother,
this jubilant band of comrades, brothers,
have banished the storm of 44 years*,
have banished doubt and vanquished fears.
Torres, so swift, like lightning. Strikes.
Such a team, the world’s not seen the likes.
Casillas, hero of the semis, stands,
the cup held safely in his hands,
and roars the Spanish victory song,
the sound that’s been silenced far too long.
Fabregas leaves destruction at his heels,
ruins defences any way he feels,
leaves the purest devastation in his wake,
and does it all for his nations sake.
Not just a Spanish victory, a victory we share,
for all lovers of real football, who play it and who dare,
to tear up the coaching textbook and scatter the pieces,
to play with brilliance and flair that never ceases.
We must bow down before these resilient darers,
Total football’s new standard bearers?



*Could the Eds kindly correct this if it’s not 44 years?

– Oh I believe you’re perfectly correct, non! – Ed

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/spain-2008/