Strangers Behind A Mask

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 here in these times with the sadness we’ve seen
just like we’re watching a film on a screen
science or fiction it’s tricky to say
feel like a child who can’t go out to play
you say it’s easing and lockdown will end
promising we’ll be together again
football is back but it’s not like back before
and we can still watch but it’s diff’rent for sure
we will be patient and stick to the task
but we are still strangers behind a mask
look at the news and there’s nothing to say
I feel embarrassed enjoying the day
me I’m conditioned to keeping my space
a thief or a robber whose hiding his face
I see you coming and you see me too
but as you draw closer do I move or you?
conspiracy theories are raging like wars
but games they continue behind these closed doors
I watch but it’s soulless and not like the past
and I’m still a stranger behind a mask
you tell me this virus is moving away
we know it’s still here though whatever you say
feels like it’s moving too swiftly for me
all for the sake of the economy
stadiums empty with cardboard for fans
and when we can come back is just not in the plans
clubs may go under or struggle in darkness
some will survive and just go on regardless
jobs they are going like tea from a flask
and we are still strangers behind a mask
waiting and longing for something to change
in the new normal where ev’rything’s strange
I think of the lives that have vanished and gone
taken away as the world stumbles on
when this is over we’ll look back and sigh
we will be grateful and thankful and try
to put into action what we have learned
lessons and trials and pages we’ve turned
voices will rise like a flame from a spark
no longer strangers behind a mask
we will be stronger and we will be one
we will rebuild all the damage that’s done
we will return to the life of a fan
stood on our terrace or sat in our stand
we will be back we will sing we will cheer
making creating a new atmosphere
no more the fear in the dark of the night
alive with the courage and hope in the light
back with our mates with no questions to ask
no longer strangers behind a mask


Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/strangers-behind-a-mask/