The Anfield Dream

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Upon this field God took me to
And then as gentle set me down
He said “Be careful where you tread girl
For here you walk on Holy ground”
He spoke of deeds and men of honour
Names in glory burned like fire
Played for Reds with skill and courage
But most of all with true desire

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 I gazed around and heard the voices
Shankly’s tones a hymn so sweet
And there was Dalglish taking passes
Spreading gospels with his feet
And then he pointed to the wisdom
Born again in Stevie G
Tho’ Gerry’s heart as red as wine
The winds of change have no mercy

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 And then the shadows they were lifting
And all was left a fading dream
Until a figure from the distance
Drew so close spoke in my ear
“All who come to this cathedral
All who worship of the faith
All will join and one day see
Familiar faces once again”

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 I rubbed my eyes and looked around me
Back in my bedroom wide awake
Was this a dream could this be real
Capricious phantom this must seem
Despair and doubt will often bring
But then my father’s voice from heaven
“Familiar faces will one day be seen again”

5 Leave a comment on verse 5 0 (c) tobyjones 2nd january 2004

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-anfield-dream/