The Dream

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The ball at my feet, I look up to the sky
The crowd up high, in unison, all let out a cry
My team all around, on their faces a look of expectancy
My heart bangs, the opposition roar, this was pure extasy
With a deep breath. my lungs begin to swell
My legs though heavy, responded quite well
The run up began, it was as though the whole world fell silent
Pure delight taking me over, this brought a desire of serious intent
Nothing else mattered, there was just the ball and the goal
Time stood still, this moment brought joy to the core of my soul
With one final step, the time was now
With one swift motion, the world came to life
The ball was in flight, it would not be denied, the goal was its sight
The keeper dived, but it was too late, its path was just right
The stadium erupting with the roar of the crowd
There was nothing that could ever have made me this proud
No words could describe the feeling of delight, as I was lifted up high
I looked up to the sky, my heart ablaze, I let out a huge sigh
The dream was now true, we could now rest
For to our supporters, we were the best


Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-dream-4/