The fan who tried to exalt Zola, but who fell on his arse

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 When Zola buried that oh so special goal
In the excited melee, I burrowed like a mole
Through a mountain of bodies, thick and thin
I had to embrace Deity, to share his cheeky grin
But Le Saux, pushed me away
Said I wasn’t fit enough to play
However many times I said pretty please
I should have been on my knees
But instead I slipped
And shipped
Twixt vertical and horizontal
And so it was, that the grass
Kissed my arse
I wanted to pay homage
But t’was unedifying farce
That graced, the next-day tabloids
So many cheering adenoids
Of all the ecstatic fans
Jumping in the stands
And me, prone
With a winded groan
Ready to kiss the feet
That had conjured up the treat
Of a goal
That had the whole
Nation drooling
But I’d be fooling
Myself, if I thought
Especially as I was caught
On camera, with Gianfranco
That I could get away, without a fully deserved, extra special spanko!


Ok, so it wasn’t me
But one day ….
After years and years of practice ….
I just might …..
In the twilight of my days …..
Emulate that astonishing piece of improvisation

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-fan-who-tried-to-exalt-zola-but-who-fell-on-his-arse/