The Football Alphabet

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2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 A s for Albania who put up a fight,
B is for Beckham who aint that bright,
C is for chanting as loud as you can,
D is for David where crushes began,
E is for exciting like a game when it’s tense,
F is for fans they lose all sense,
G is for Gerard a central defence,
H is for Heskey although he’s a bit dense,
I is for intelligent, which players don’t have to be,
J is for jumping like waves in the sea,
K is for keen, like the players all are,
L is for Liverpool, some think they’re a star,
M is for money which betters all win,
N is for net which the ball goes in,
O is for open like a pitch not a car,
P is for Posh who married a star,
Q is for queues, you all wait for ages,
R is for rough like animals in cages,
S is for Seaman who saves all the goals,
T is for tourists those poor old souls,
U is for us the fans and the crowd,
V is for victory we all get proud,
W is for winning the fans get alert,
X is for X ray when the players get hurt,
Y is for yachts which some players own,
Z is for Zenden who has a posh home.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-football-alphabet/