The Laird from Govan

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A catatonic burst of energy
You’ll do well if you’re St Neville of the clergy
Be Ruud, avoid him like the lergy
Strachan became a hypersensitive reaction to an allergy
Same fate for Brian Kidd, a man of Panergy
Big time Ince, a pure definition of Surgy
Aussie Mark Bosnich, a mixed bag of lethargy
Spice boy Greening, shipped off to be a Baggy
With Becks it was turning into a big showbiz orgy
A brilliant stopper in Stam, but not working in synergy
With delusional Yorkey the picture was getting muggy
Last straw for Lieutenant Keano, were things getting foggy?
Cross him and the resulting taste will be tangy
New dawn with the Fergie babes, get ready with the buggy
Many will come and go, but the Govan Don will always remain the biggie

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I’m a Liverpool fan, yet my admiration for Sir Alex is second to none. He is a winner of the highest order. Up there with Paisley, Shankly, Stein, Clough etc as the greatest football manager in British history.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-laird-from-govan/?shared=email&msg=fail